Energy Crops-How EU Cooperation Can Help Workshop

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  • Date: March 19, 2014
  • Time: All Day
  • Location:

Event description:

The Energy Crops- How EU Cooperation Can Help Workshop was organized by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) with the involvement of partners Averinox, ECN, Acciona, Biotrans, BIOPOPLAR, Risø DTU, FCBA, and CENER. The event was a success with 80 attendees. 

The workshop focused on how to develop lignocellulosic energy crops in the EU. The event achieved successful results thanks to the participation of more than 80 stakeholders that have exchanged best practices and exposed their recommendations for a real take off of lignocellulosic energy crops in Europe.
A list of recommended actions has been established by the stakeholders of the workshop that can be found HERE.

Programme:  HERE    List of Participants: HERE

Speaker Presentations:

Bioenergy and Biomass in new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)
Andreas Gumbert, EC DG Agriculture, bioenergy, biomass, forestry and climate change unit

The role of energy crops to meet the 2020 renewable targets and contribute to climate change mitigation beyond 2020
Bernd Kuepker, EC DG Energy

Feedback on the effectiveness of the UK policy
Kevin Lindegaard, Crops for Energy Ltd

Energy crops today and tomorrow
Benoit Gabrielle, INRA, AgroParis Tech, LogistEC Coordinator

Meet the supply challenges
Seppo Huurinainen, MHG Systems Oy Ltd

Miscanthus in Romania, by Ioan Sabău, Arge Miscanthus Romania
Poplar in Romania, by Paul Bertaux, Forest and Biomass Services
Poplar in Italy, France and Spain, by Roberto Robetti, Biopoplar
Willow in the UK, by Mark Paulson, CRL
Willow in Sweden, by Annika Henriksson, SalixEnergi
Willow and poplar in Austria, by Karl Mayer, Styrian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry
Willow in Ireland, by Barry Caslin, Teagasc