Workshop on energy crops in Central and Eastern Europe, Warsaw, Poland

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  • Date: April 23, 2015 - April 24, 2015
  • Time: All Day
  • Location:

Event description:

The potential for development of energy crops in Eastern Europe is definitely worth to consider. On top of their vast agricultural area and marginal land, the cost of the land is much lower than in West Europe, making it very attractive. For example, in Poland the land potential for perennial energy crops is estimated to 1.6 million ha, while the current area of perennial plantations is less than 10,000 ha. The same stagnation as in other EU countries in development of this sector is observed. Energy crops can be used within the country, to substitute coal for example, but there are also initiatives to export the biomass to Western European countries. Therefore, the transfer of knowledge from the LogistEC project to these countries for crop improvements as
well as pre-treatment technologies make sense.

The workshop “Energy Crops in Central and Eastern Europe” organized in Warsaw, Poland, aims at exchanging information and contacts between project partners and Central and Eastern Europe stakeholders. The targeted participants are Polish and other Central and Eastern Europe relevant stakeholders from the agriculture sector and related companies.

Programme: HERE

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For more information and registration contact: Paulina Prachnio, PIMOT, p.prachnio[a], +48 22 7777-212.