Environmental assessment

minergate serviceThis task assessed the environmental sustainability throughout the entire biomass supply chain as well as the individual systems and technologies developed during the project. Supply chain components included feedstock production, harvesting, pre-treatment, storage, and transport to the plant gate. Two methodologies were used jointly: emergy assessment, and life-cycle assesment (LCA). Emergy quantified the use of the following resources: water, land, energy, material and human resources, while LCA focused on the following criteria: climate change, eutrophication, acidification, toxicity and eco-toxicity.

A set of methodological guidelines were first drafted jointly with . The methodology was applied to the two project real-life case-studies, and various logistics scenarios were assessed. The emergy results are detailed in a separate journal article, while the LCA and emergy results are reported in a dedicated deliverable (also published as a journal article).cloudminer