Environmental assessment

This task will assess the environmental sustainability throughout the entire biomass supply chain as well as the individual systems and technologies developed during the project. The supply chains include feedstock production, harvesting, pre-treatment, storage, and transport to the plant gate. The assessment will cover analysis of the use of water, land, energy, material and human resources as well as the items of life-cycle analysis (climate change, eutrophication, acidification, toxicity and eco-toxicity; ISO, 2006; Gorée et al., 2002).

 Expected outcome:

  1. A standardized methodology to assess the environmental impacts of supply-chains involving an innovative combination of indices using LCA and resource intensities principles. This is an expansion of recent EC communications and directives on the assessment of biofuels
  2. Application of the methodology to the 2 selected sites and various logistics scenarios within these cases
  3. A bench marking of the technologies developed during the project to assess their environmental performances