Implementation of the optimization model

This task is about analysing the details of two selected biomass projects/cases (Miajadas and Burgundy demonstration sites) and scenarios used for the case-studies. The aim is to synthesize the economic, environmental and social assessments of the cases/scenarios and make recommendations regarding the biomass logistics system. For each demonstration site, a number of scenarios will be developed in order to evaluate the availability of biomass (species/quantities/locations), new technologies, and frameworks (e.g. tax and incentives). The project work on feedstock and harvesting, pre-treatment processes, transport and storage options already implemented in the supply chains will be included in the case analysis. On top of it, new and demonstration specific feedstock and technologies/activities will be included. One of the cases will be expanded to allow for an even more generic analysis of the economic, environmental and social potential of biomass from energy crops in a wider region to allow for analysis of the interaction of several supplies chains or more specific – supplies networks with several end users.

Expected outcome:

  1. Demonstration of two cases based on the Miajadas and Burgundy sites.
  2. Joint assessment of selected sites and recommendation regarding the desirable biomass logistics system.
  3. Identification of knowledge gaps regarding modelling and methodologies relevant for the analysis of logistics for biomass from energy crops.
  4. Guidelines on the implementation of the optimization model and assessment framework of a new biomass supply-chain in Europe.