Innovative cropping systems

The feedstock production has an important weight on the overall sustainability of the logistics chain. It is therefore necessary to design and assess innovative cropping systems facing specific requirements for biomass production. This task aims at assessing the effects of various cropping systems based on biomass crops (i.e. the effect of both crop sequence and crop management) on production and environment (through a set of indicators) for a wider range of soils and weather conditions than currently documented in the literature. This task will therefore use results of the four previous tasks and will provide quantitative information for the sustainability assessment of the supply chains.

This task delivers a method to design and assess cropping systems (i.e. crop management and crop sequences) involving annual, multi-annual and perennial biomass crops, under a wide range of soils and weather conditions. It will also provide a list of candidate systems obtained in several regions of Europe including those of the 2 chain case-studies of LogistEC, along with data on their environmental, agronomic and economic performances.