Demonstration of densification technologies

bytecoin minerThe objective of this task is to demonstrate the improvements of biomass densification systems on 2 feed stocks. Torrefaction and subsequent briquetting will be done with a 50-100 kg/hr semi-industrial pilot demonstration plant to produce 2 x 1 ton of torrefied briquettes for storage testing at the demonstration sites.

Work planned in this task includes:

  1. Torrefaction of 2 feedstock at ECN in the Netherlands
  2. Transport of torrefied feedstock to Denmark for briquetting demonstrations
  3. Briquetting of torrefied feedstock at CFN in Denmark
  4. Transport of torrefied feedstock to Spain for testing storage properties.

Expected outcome:

  1. A successful demonstration of an increased quality Bioenergy carrier for a better feedstock storage and transport by means of torrefaction and briquetting at commercial pilot scale.

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