Best storage and densification practices

The project partners will share experience and good practices about storage and densification among different biomass supply chains of 3 sister projects INFRES, LogistEC and EuroPruning, dealing with forest residues, energy crops and tree prunings, respectively. For this reason, an interactive methodology workshop was organized in November of 2014, which resulted in a compendium of various technologies tested in 3 projects. The presentation on the activities conducted within Logist’EC related to thermal pre-treatments and pelletization, given by M. Carbio from ECN, may be found here.

Regarding storage, different tests were carried out with raw and pre-treated biomass in order to assess the possible advantages of the latter option. Storage conditions included the following variants and comparison:

  • Indoors versus outdoors;
  • Covered versus uncovered;
  • Base type: asphalt, bare soil, bearers or concrete floor;
  • Permanent storage structure type: bunker, container, silo or tank;
  • Temporary bulk form type: big bag, ensiled, pile or stack

Results are detailed in Deliverable 3.7, and cover the effect of storage type and duration on dry matter losses, biomass moisture content, and lower heating value.