Densification of pre-treated crops

The potential thermal pre-treatment processes will be developed in order to improve the overall chain from energy crops to solid bio-energy carrier. The hydro-thermal pre-treatment Torwash focuses more on the grassy energy crops (relatively high moisture and alkali content). The thermo-chemical pre-treatment torrefaction focuses more on the woody energy crops (relatively lower moisture and alkali content).

The goal of this task is to thermally pre-treat woody SRC energy crops (by means of torrefaction) and grassy energy crops Miscanthus and giant reed grass (by means of Torwash) to improve briquetting properties as well as end-use. More specifically, the task seeks to enhance the qualities of densified materials with respect to the efficiency of logistics and storage. The focus is on briquetting technologies and only a general comparison will be made between briquetting technologies and more standardised pelletizing technologies.

The project work will lead to improved thermal pre-treatment technologies for woody and grassy energy crops. It will provide optimized briquetting technology as well as recipes for woody energy crops that will be relevant to the demonstration of the briquetting technology on torrefied energy crops at a later project stage. It will also lead to improved operating conditions of the Torwash process as well as the dewatering step, which will guide future Torwash experiments as well as the process optimization of Torwash combined with dewatering and densification.