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Miscanthus spatial location as seen by farmers: A machine learning approach to model real criteria, Biomass and BioenergyArticles1519
Paving The Way For Sustainable Bioenergy In EuropeArticles793
Integrated design and sustainable assessment of innovative biomass supply chains: A casestudy on miscanthus in FranceArticles192
LogistEC-D2.1- Establishment of a full set of experimental protocols agreed by all partners involvedDeliverables753
LogistEC D3.1- Assessment of improved densification technologiesDeliverables1504
LogistEC-D5.1- Planning of the 4 demonstrations to be set upDeliverables924
LogistEC D2.3- Samples Selected From Most Relevant Harvesting Systems And Supplied To WP3Deliverables587
LogistEC - D3.4- Assessment Of Improved Pre-treatment TechnologiesDeliverables668
LogistEC-D2.1- Establishment Of A Full Set Of Experiemental Protocols Agreed By All Partners InvolvedDeliverables426
LogistEC-D5.1- Planning Of The 4 Demonstrations To Be Set UpDeliverables436
LogistEC-D5.2- Report On The Application Of The ERP Tool For Supply Of Triticale Biomass To The Miajadas PlantDeliverables1019
LogistEC-D6.1- Project WebsiteDeliverables527
LogistEC-D6.2- Project LeafletDeliverables710
LogistEC-D6.3- First 3 Factsheets Produced For The WorkshopsDeliverables848
LogistEC-D6.4- Proceedings Of EU Cooperation WorkshopDeliverables712
Recommendations for the management of biomass crops-legume intercropping for biomass productionDeliverables574
LogistEC D4.2- Feedstock Supply ScenariosDeliverables936
LogistEC D3.2- Preliminary quality characteristics of commoditized energy crops Deliverables1004
LogistEC-Deliverable 2.2- Evaluation of Harvesting SystemsDeliverables594