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Logistec_D1.9_Proposal of several cropping systems including biomass crops, and their multicriteria assessment141
Miscanthus spatial location as seen by farmers: A machine learning approach to model real criteria, Biomass and BioenergyArticles2476
Paving the way for sustainable bioenergy bioenergy in Europe: technological options and research avenues for large-scale biomass feedstock supplyArticles1071
Integrated design and sustainable assessment of innovative biomass supply chains: A casestudy on miscanthus in FranceArticles637
Demo Report Poplar Harvesting 2013Reports202
Energy Crops In A Nutshell Factsheets1508
EU Legislation and Cooperation for Energy CropsFactsheets1050
The Impacts Of Energy Crops Factsheets1350
List of recommended actions on how to integrate environmental requirements when developing energy crops projectsFactsheets720
Engaging European farmers in the development of energy crops projects – Policy RecommendationsFactsheets760
The Removal Of Perennial Energy Crops - FactsheetFactsheets482
Grass Legume Intercrop To Produce Biomass For Bioenergy - FactsheetFactsheets616
LogistEC Factsheet Sustainability AssessmentFactsheets568
Stakeholder recommendations based on demonstration activitiesFactsheets290
Valorisation of process residues by biomass crops: the case of Torwash wastewater application on Giant reed (Arundo donax L.)Factsheets412
Biomass Pre-treatment TechnologiesFactsheets942
Factsheet 2.7 - Choosing between harvest options for short rotation coppice and the consequences for post-harvest managementFactsheets499
LogistEC-D2.1- Establishment of a full set of experimental protocols agreed by all partners involvedDeliverables1079
LogistEC D3.1- Assessment of improved densification technologiesDeliverables2204