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LogistEC Factsheet Sustainability AssessmentFactsheets549
LogistEC-D2.1- Establishment Of A Full Set Of Experiemental Protocols Agreed By All Partners InvolvedDeliverables553
LogistEC-D5.1- Planning Of The 4 Demonstrations To Be Set UpDeliverables553
Pelletizing Properties Of Different Grassy And Woody BiomassDissemination Materials575
Integrated design and sustainable assessment of innovative biomass supply chains: A casestudy on miscanthus in FranceArticles581
Harvesting Model Bio-balerMaterials of Interest586
Grass Legume Intercrop To Produce Biomass For Bioenergy - FactsheetFactsheets592
Poster Logistec Dissemination Materials643
LogistEC-D6.1- Project WebsiteDeliverables659
Demonstration of new poplar supply systemsDeliverables694
List of recommended actions on how to integrate environmental requirements when developing energy crops projectsFactsheets702
LogistEC-Deliverable 2.2- Evaluation of Harvesting SystemsDeliverables718
Engaging European farmers in the development of energy crops projects – Policy RecommendationsFactsheets734
Tillage Energy Crop Stakeholder GroupMaterials of Interest756
LogistEC Annual NewsletterDissemination Materials803
Recommendations for a real take off of lignocellulosic energy crops in EuropeMaterials of Interest807
Assessing the greenhouse gas budget of biomass and biofuel cropsMaterials of Interest820
Biomass Pre-treatment TechnologiesFactsheets821
1st Dissemination Poster/Paper of LogistEC Project- MHG SystemsDissemination Materials844
LogistEC-D6.2- Project LeafletDeliverables893