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Biomass Pre-treatment TechnologiesFactsheets841
1st Dissemination Poster/Paper of LogistEC Project- MHG SystemsDissemination Materials856
Bioenergy- A carbon sink?Materials of Interest941
Calculation of Net CV and price per tonne from Gross CV and price per net GJMaterials of Interest545
Delivrable 1.6 - Recommendations For The Valorisation Of Process Residues By BiomassMaterials of Interest309
Logistec_D1.9_Proposal of several cropping systems including biomass crops, and their multicriteria assessment124
Factsheet 2.7 - Choosing between harvest options for short rotation coppice and the consequences for post-harvest managementFactsheets475
Delivrable 4.1 - Guidelines and fact sheets' templates for reporting economic and environmental indicators to stakeholdersDeliverables225
8 Demostration Visit LogisteECDeliverables464
Delivrable-1.8 - Scientific (and/or conference) paper on the valorisation of process residues by biomass cropsDeliverables269
Deliverable-D1.4 - Impact on C-N dynamics when reverting from perennial cropsDeliverables228
Deliverable D6.6- Proceedings of energy crops impact workshopDeliverables276
Demonstration of new poplar supply systemsDeliverables697
Demo Report Poplar Harvesting 2013Reports198
Paving the way for sustainable bioenergy bioenergy in Europe: technological options and research avenues for large-scale biomass feedstock supplyArticles1051
Valorisation of process residues by biomass crops: the case of Torwash wastewater application on Giant reed (Arundo donax L.)Factsheets397
Energy Crops In A Nutshell Factsheets1467
EU Legislation and Cooperation for Energy CropsFactsheets1024
The Impacts Of Energy Crops Factsheets1340
Stakeholder recommendations based on demonstration activitiesFactsheets287