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LogistEC-Deliverable 2.2- Evaluation of Harvesting SystemsDeliverables672
Demonstration of new poplar supply systemsDeliverables674
8 Demostration Visit LogisteECDeliverables402
Delivrable-1.8 - Scientific (and/or conference) paper on the valorisation of process residues by biomass cropsDeliverables244
Deliverable-D1.4 - Impact on C-N dynamics when reverting from perennial cropsDeliverables167
LogistEC-Deliverable D2.6 - winter and summer harvesting evaluationsDeliverables137
Deliverable D2.6 - Internal report prepared and passed to WPs 1 and 4 detailing all data acquired during two years of winter and summer harvesting evaluationsDeliverables126
LogistEC-D2.4-Developed harvesting machines tested at the plot scaleDeliverables229
LogistEC-D2.4- Developed harvesting machines tested at the plot scale and ready for WP5 DemonstrationDeliverables178
Delivrable 4.1 - Guidelines and fact sheets' templates for reporting economic and environmental indicators to stakeholdersDeliverables175
Deliverable D 6.5 - 3 additional factsheets derived from WP1 resultsDeliverables162
Deliverable D6.6- Proceedings of energy crops impact workshopDeliverables185
Deliverables D6.7- 3 additional factsheets produced for the second round of workshopDeliverables181
Delevrable 5.4 - Report on each of the 4 demonstrations activities carried out and the results achievedDeliverables201
Delivrable 4.4 - LCA of different types of feedstock for selection of the appropriate ones for briquetting tests in WP3Deliverables106
Deliverable 4.7 - Sustainability assessment and recommendation of biomass logisticsDeliverables323
Deliverable D.4.8- Guidelines for the implementation of the optimization model and assessment framework of WP4 to new biomass supply-chains in EuropeDeliverables116
Deliverable 4.5 - Report social capital and innovative capacityDeliverables294
Deliverable D6.9 - Proceedings of the workshop on energy crops in Central Eastern EuropeDeliverables164
Delivrable 6.10 - Proceedings Of Integration Into Agricultural Sector WorkshopDeliverables132