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Deliverable 3.7 - Assesment Of LogisticsDeliverables215
Delivrable 1.2 - Scientific paper (and/or conference) on meta-analysis of agronomic performance and environmental impacts of biomass cropsDeliverables195
LogistEC - Final Summary of projectDeliverables196
Logistec-D3.3 - Improved densification recipes for raw energy cropsDeliverables168
LogistEC BrochureDissemination Materials1019
Poster Logistec Dissemination Materials550
1st Dissemination Poster/Paper of LogistEC Project- MHG SystemsDissemination Materials724
LogistEC Annual NewsletterDissemination Materials707
Pelletizing Properties Of Different Grassy And Woody BiomassDissemination Materials535
MHG PosterDissemination Materials429
MHG PosterDissemination Materials442
MHG PosterDissemination Materials453
Energy Crops In A Nutshell Factsheets1304
EU Legislation and Cooperation for Energy CropsFactsheets948
The Impacts Of Energy Crops Factsheets1160
List of recommended actions on how to integrate environmental requirements when developing energy crops projectsFactsheets609
Engaging European farmers in the development of energy crops projects – Policy RecommendationsFactsheets596
The Removal Of Perennial Energy Crops - FactsheetFactsheets402
Grass Legume Intercrop To Produce Biomass For Bioenergy - FactsheetFactsheets500
LogistEC Factsheet Sustainability AssessmentFactsheets443