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Stakeholder recommendations based on demonstration activitiesFactsheets293
Valorisation of process residues by biomass crops: the case of Torwash wastewater application on Giant reed (Arundo donax L.)Factsheets420
Biomass Pre-treatment TechnologiesFactsheets977
Factsheet 2.7 - Choosing between harvest options for short rotation coppice and the consequences for post-harvest managementFactsheets510
MHG Systems Introduction LogistEC Member Materials412
MHG Systems Biomass Manager Service LogistEC Member Materials521
Bioenergy- A carbon sink?Materials of Interest948
Assessing the greenhouse gas budget of biomass and biofuel cropsMaterials of Interest843
Tillage Energy Crop Stakeholder GroupMaterials of Interest777
Calculation of Net CV and price per tonne from Gross CV and price per net GJMaterials of Interest557
Miscanthus And Reed Canary Grass Payback 2014Materials of Interest453
WILLOW 2014 PaybackMaterials of Interest403
Recommendations for a real take off of lignocellulosic energy crops in EuropeMaterials of Interest817
LogistEC-workshop-0212 ENVI-recommendationsMaterials of Interest202
Harvesting Model Bio-balerMaterials of Interest588
MHG Biomass ManagerMaterials of Interest446
Delivrable 1.6 - Recommendations For The Valorisation Of Process Residues By BiomassMaterials of Interest331
Demo Report Poplar Harvesting 2013Reports205